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"Corn and Moon" Corn Husk Story Character




Coast Miwok Songs by Sky Road, Coast Miwok Huukuiiko with Alicia M. Retes Yoreme (Mayo) Yoeme (Yaqui)  

Sky (Coast Miwok) and Alicia (Mayo,Yaqui)                                


Two North American Indigenous Storytellers, Alicia Mary Retes and BZ Smith, share cultural tales during the Seattle Storytellers Guild 2022 Tellabration. Time Marker 9:39 / 1:51:07

Our Native America - a Riveting River Production of an hour-long TV Reality Show where Native American experts engage with celebrity guests in with unique cultural skills. -


Indigenous Tales Storytelling - Museum of the American Indian, Novato, CA         

Indigenous Storytelling: Museum of the American Indian              


Featured Performer - Auburn Storytelling Festival    

Performance at the Auburn, CA Storytelling Festival      

Soroptimist International of Novato Community Television

Museum of the American Indian, Novato CA                                                              


North Bay Woman

Spring/Summer 2020

10 Questions with Alicia Mary Retes

by Sandee McCready    


San Geronimo: A Park and Commons for All.  

Measure D a campaign to protect, connect and restore San Geronimo Valley,Voice-Over Narration, On-Camera Performance of Original Song "Kashi" A non-traditional song honoring the Salmon based on the Coast Miwok language support by Sky Road, Coast Miwok of Marin.

San Geronimo: A Park andCommons for All


Big Time festival, Kule Loklo, Point Reyes National Seashore, California. Storyteller Alicia Retes (Mayo,Yaqui) performs "Wek-wek" and how music was brought to the people.



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