Guiena Hen, Puka Shells & Multi-colored glass beads. 4" L.

Alicia's Favorite. Turkey and Amazon Parrot. Glass and wood beads. 4" L.


Feather Creations

Alicia M. Retes

Spiky's Special. Amethyst, Hematite Beads, Grizzly Rooster, Guiena and Silver Seabright Hens. 6 to 8"L.

Hematite, Carved Bone Beads, Macaw and Peacock. 6 -8 'L.

Guiena, Parakeet with Bone Bead 2" L.

Pearl Drop,Wire Wrap with Macaw Parrot, Peacock and Rooster. 8 - 10" L

Alia's Reggae Vibe. Glass and wood beads, rooster.  2 - 4 " L.

Gracie's Pearl Drop. Wire Wrap, Blonde Rooster. 6 - 8" L.

Kili'a Jade. Abalone Disc 1.5 " diameter, Malacite, Hematie, Amazon Parrot. 4" L

Painted wood and glass beads and Turkey. 3" L

Abalone Disc 1.5 " diameter, Hematite beads, Blue and Yellow Macaw Parrots. 6" L.

Fun.   Festive.  Distinctly Unique Styles for All Occasions.Hand Selected Feathers Crafted with Love.

Variety of Earring Backs Available

Silver or Gold Plated, Stainless Steel

Levers A wiire that opens, goes through the piercing and snaps together in the back. Very secure.

Hinge Small hoop earrings that hug at the lobe. Very secure.

Shepheard A hook shaped wire loops through the peircing, hangs on the backside of the earlobe.

No additional backing unless requested.

Amazon Parrot, Turkey with painted wood and glass beads. 4 " L.

Ethically sourced abalone and feathers.

Array of colors, feather types and styles offering something for everyone.

Exclusive Custom Orders Available:  Alicia.M.Retes@gmail.   415.696.0078

Alia's Island Passion - Reggae Love Inspired!

Layered Feathers Left to Right:

1. Rooster, Osilated Turkey, Yellow Macaw and Peacock Feathers with Abalone1.5 " diameter disc, Malachite, glass and bone beads. 10' L

2. Amazon Parrot (green), Pheasant (dyed red), Yellow Macaw, Peacock with Puka shell, glass and painted wood beads. 4" L

3. Grizzly Rooster natural black and white and dyed red, Peacock, Yellow Macaw with Scallop shell 2" diameter disc and carved wood bead. 8 - 10 " L

4. Amazon Parrot, Yellow Macaw, Peacock, Sea Snail shell, glass and blue ceramic beads. 3 to 4" L

5, Natural Grizzly Rooster, Yellow Macaw and Peacok with glass and hand carved bone beads. 10 - 12" L

Selena's Blue Lagoon

Double Cascading Feathers Left to Right:

1. Grizzly Rooster dyed teal, Natural Peacock, Pheasant dyed red with Bison bone and glass beads. 13" L

2. Blue Macaw, Peacock, Yellow Macaw, Pheasant dyed red Mother of Pearl wire wrapped drop and Amethyst bead and soft red leather. 13"L

3. Blue Macaw and Amazon Parrots, Peacock and Rosster withwood beads and black leather. 10"L

Alicia's Awesome Abalone Dangles

Ethically Sourced Abalone and Feathers

Left to Right:

1. Blue Macaw and Yellow Nape Amazon with 2.5" and 1.5 " Abalone discs, Hemitite and glass beads. 6" L

2. Amazon Parrot and Blue Macaw with 2.5" and 1.5 " Abalone discs, Malachite, Bison bone and glass beads. 8" L

3. Double strands of Blue Macaw and Peacock on 2 .5" Abalone discs, Malachite, glass beads on brown leather. 8"L

4. Military Macaw and Pheasant with 2 .5" Abalone discs Bison bone beads. 8" L

Isaia Kai's Midnight Special - Silver Seabright and Deep Blue Peacock

Left to Right

1.  2"  Abalone discs with sparkle bead. 4" L

2. 2"and 1.5 " Abalone discs with Lapis Lazuli and Hemitite beads. 6"L

3. 2" Abalone disc with Hemitite beads. 5"L