Alicia Mary Retes


Friendship Feathers, Earrings, Fans & Ornaments

Bird Feathers Symbolic Significance

Indigneous cultures have different cultural traditions and meanings for birds.

     A sign or symbol is only as important as it is to the one who is experiencing it - what does it mean to you personally? How does it fit into your current life situation?  Generally speaking, feathers to me symbolize prosperity, peace, beauty, Spirit, release and new opportunities. Observing bird behavior is the best way to discover their gifts.

     Here is a brief list of their significance based on my personal interactions and observations.

All feathers are from unharmed molting pets or federally approved.

Amazon Parrot: Patience, respect, expression and forgiveness as taught to me by my own Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot.

Canary/Parakeet:  Companionship, power of song and voice.

Cockatoo:  Friendship and healthy relationships.

Duck:  Balanced emotions, compassion and protection.

Guinea:  Knowing one's boundaries, loyalty and family.

Macaw Parrot:  Spiritual illumination, healing through light and color.

Peacock:  Transcendence, self-assurance, protection and inner vision.

Pheasant:  Beauty, grace and romance.

Rooster:  Spiritual awakening, pleasure and fun.

Turkey:  Eagle of the earth, gratitude and sharing abundance.

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Bouquets of feathers wrapped with thoughts of love, peace and harmony.

Pairs are made with similar feathers and threads to represent the love you share with your friend. Keep one bouquet and give the other away to your loved one as a visual reminder of your friendship. Wear them in your hair or tie them anywhere!

Fan with Amazon and Macaw Parrot, Turkey, Peacock, Pheasant, and Rooster feather, glass beads, tin tubes and abalone.

Feather Fans


Grizzly Rooster Hackles with glass and wood beads and  9" long.

Macaw, Peacock, Turkey front view with information tag.

Macaw, Peacock and Turkey front and back views.

Pheasant and Pecock with wood beads. About 6" long.

Guiena Hen and Cockatiel Parrot about 2" long.

Guiena Hen, Puka Shells & Multi-colored glass beads. About 4"  long.

Turkey with red and black glass beads. 2" long.

Turkey, glass and wood beads. About 4 "  long.

Turkey and Amazon Parrot. Glass and wood beads. About 4"  long.

Guiena Hen, bone, wood and glass beads. About 4" long.

Blue dyed Grizzly Hackles. Blue wood beads.About 7" long.

Feathers and Beads Ornaments

Distinctive Styles.

Assorted Lengths.

Brilliant and Earthy Colors.

Custom Orders Available.

Inspires Peaceful Relations.

Beautiful Artwork.

Supports Spiritual Ceremonies.

Tailored Creations Available.


Pheasant dyed red, Green Parrot, Pecock and color designs on wood beads. Variety of beads and feathers available. About 5 " long.

Friendship Feathers and Ornaments on Decorative Tree.

Alicia's artistry crafting feathered earrings is quite unique.

Long bohemian, short and sassy and everything in between - her sytle is unique.

One- of-a-kind pairs resemble flowers or butterflies.

Feathers have always been associated with freedom, transcendence and communication with spiritual realms.

Over the years, Alicia's Fans have been displayed in many stores throughout the SF Bay Area. When asked why Carlos Santana bought so many he replied, "I like to support local artists and give them as gifts to my musician friends".